Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal Review

Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal Reviews

Review score: 8.9 / 10 – Updated April, 2024

Latest Price: £79.99

Looking for Smart Voice control assistants and want to get the best deal for your money? check out our review now.

Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal Review

Overall Customer Rating

Overall rating

8.9 average based on 691 reviews.

How customers rate Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal

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Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal features

Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal specs

Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal

Smart home voice assistant


iOS & Android

Works with

– Chromecast


– Dual-band AC WiFi




7″ touchscreen


Full-range speaker for high quality sound


Far-field voice recognition


Ambient EQ – light and colour sensor



Box contents

– Google Nest Hub


118 x 178.5 x 67.3 mm (H x W x D)


480 g

Manufacturer’s guarantee

2 years



Number of Reviews


Review Score

8.9 / 10

Average score in category: 8.7 / 10



As with any electrical items, it’s particularly important to study the quality of a product before you buy it. This is especially important for Smart Voice control assistants. But when we’re buying online, what can be done to get an idea of a product’s quality?

Our first area to study is normally the features. We’ve given a full list of features for Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal above. This should give you a good idea of how good the product is in terms of features and functionality.

You’re also going to want to know how durable the product is, so here we’d advise taking a look at the materials that the Smart Voice control assistants are made from.

There is also a lot of benefit in checking out the brand of the Smart Voice control assistants. Some brands are known for manufacturing much better quality products. As I’m sure you’re aware, brands like Google are really well respected for making great Smart Voice control assistants.

It’s also important to have a good idea of your expectations in terms of quality too. You may not actually be looking for the best quality product if your main goal is to get cheap Smart Voice control assistants. So spend some time considering what’s important to you and think about the areas that you’d be happy to compromise or not.

Comparing Prices

That leads us nicely into price, where we’re going to spend some time looking at the price of Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal and seeing how that compares to other Smart Voice control assistants and also looking at the sort of price you can expect to pay for products from Google.

It’s really good at this stage to spend some time just getting an idea of the sort of price you can expect to pay for your Smart Voice control assistants. When you’re spent a bit of time looking at the prices, consider setting yourself a budget.

Setting yourself a budget will really help you to narrow down your search. It can also help you to avoid the slippery slope of buying a really expensive product that perhaps had advanced specifications that you didn’t need or couldn’t actually afford.

The price that we found Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal cheapest in our most recent search was at Currys and cost just £79.99.

Customers are obviously impressed with the value of Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal as they’ve rated it in terms of value for money at: 8.8 out of 10.

How much do Smart Voice control assistants cost on average?

We searched for all of the Smart Voice control assistants that we could find at Currys. In total we found 25 different products available.

The average price of Smart Voice control assistants was £111.95, which makes Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal below average in terms of price.

We also thought it would be useful for you to know how much the price of Smart Voice control assistants can vary. Of the 25 products we found, the lowest cost that we found was £39.00 and the highest price we saw was £308.99.

In the Smart Voice control assistants category, 12 products cost more than Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal and 9 cost less.

How much are Google Smart Voice control assistants?

Next up we thought it would be useful to narrow down our search a bit more and only look at Smart Voice control assistants made by Google. We managed to find 7 options at Currys.

The average price of these 7 products was £75.28. With the cheapest coming in at £39.00 and most expensive currently showing as £199.00. Based on this price analysis it shows that Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal is above average against other Google Smart Voice control assistants.

Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal Reviews

Reviews are without question your best piece of information when researching a product to buy online. We love customer reviews especially, as they’re not incentivised and just written by genuine customers.

We also love customer reviews because many of them will be from customers who have been using the product for some time. We found 691 reviews for . So we’d strongly recommend you head over there and take the time to read plenty of the reviews to get a real feel for whether Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal is just what you’re after.

Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal has a customer review score of 9.2 and our review score is 8.8 out of 10. The average review score in the Smart Voice control assistants category is 8.7 with an average of 239 reviews for each product. The average customer review score for products from Google is 8.7 based on an average of 274 reviews per product. So you’re definitely going to be in safe hands if you do choose to buy Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal

The other useful source of reviews is expert reviews. Whilst these won’t give you as much user feedback as the customer reviews, it does mean that you’re getting some expert opinions on the Smart Voice control assistants. Companies like TechRadar are really well known for providing great reviews.

It’s also worth exploring other product options and reading their reviews. Just some of the products that we liked are Home Hub ? Chalk reviews, GOOGLE Nest Mini reviews or GOOGLE Nest Mini & Philips Hue White Bluetooth LED B22 Bulb Bundle reviews. Or something a little different could be a product like GOOGLE Nest Mini & Philips Hue White Bluetooth LED E27 Bulb Bundle reviews or even GOOGLE Home Hands-free Smart Speaker reviews.

Buying Google branded products

Brand, as mentioned earlier, is another really important factor to consider for buying Smart Voice control assistants.

It looks like you’ve already got some idea of the sort of product you’re inserted in, as you’ve landed on this Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal review. However, if you do want to consider other brands just make sure you spend some time reading lots of reviews. If you decide to stick to Google then you’ll not be disappointed, judging by the customer reviews.

YouTube Video of Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal

Another fantastic source of information and great for reviews is video content. Below we’ve run a search for Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal on YouTube if you wanted to check out some of the video reviews that may have been created by customers or expert reviewers.


Based on the amazing reviews shown at the top of this review, we’re really impressed with Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as one of the top options if you’re looking to buy Smart Voice control assistants. This is only highlighted by the great customer reviews and our review score of 8.8/10 overall.

All that’s left now is for you to head over to Currys to check out the 691 customer reviews. Simply hit the green button at the bottom of your screen to start.

Further product details

    • Product ID 1: 22680439673
    • Product ID 2: 10186041
    • Brand: Google
    • Model number: 10186041
    • EAN: 842776107275
    • Description: 7″ touchscreenSometimes it’s easier to see your schedule than it is to hear it. The Google Nest Hub has a 7″ touchscreen so you’ll be able to see everything in a single view, whether it’s an upcoming appointment or your shopping list. Just like the other Google Home products, you’ll still be able to use your voice to get things done too – your personal assistant is ready and waiting to help.Voice matchWant to know what’s going on with your day? All you need to do is say “Hey Google, show me my calendar”. The Google Nest Hub has Voice Match technology, which means it can recognise your voice and display your calendar, reminders, commute and more on the homescreen.You can do more than just see your information, though. Make shopping lists, see the latest headlines and even place calls to family and friends.The Nest Hub is perfect for searching too, so you can ask questions and get visual answers from Google – perfect for finding recipes, looking up local businesses and learning how to do things.Control devicesThe Google Nest Hub is compatible with over 200 smart devices from over 50 brands, which means it fits perfectly into your smart home. Turn the lights on with a single command, or change the TV channel using your voice. You can even control your heating – it’s compatible with Nest.All you need are compatible smart home products and you’re ready to start controlling everything without even touching a dial.Your entertainment hubYou’re only a few words away from getting the party started. Use your voice to search YouTube Music for your favourite songs and bands, or even search for music videos. Log in to your Spotify account or listen to your favourite radio stations – there’s something for everyone.Streaming your favourite box sets is as simple as saying, “Hey Google, open Netflix.”Relive your memoriesSee the photos you’ve got saved with access to Google Photos. Finding your favourite moments is as simple as saying “Google, show me my holiday photos” – they’ll be displayed on the 7″ screen._____________________________________Please note: Subscriptions may be required to access certain music and video content. Google Nest Hub is optimised for selected music and video services only. A streaming membership is required to access Netflix.

Other options for Smart Voice control assistants

Below are some of the other great products that customers view after checking out Home Hub ? Charcoal, Charcoal.

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